Sally-Save-Water™ Program Elements Introduction

Introducing the Sally-Save-Water® Awareness Program Elements

Watch this promotional, video brochure to learn more about how Sally-Save-Water® can cover your public water conservation awareness and outreach concerns!

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The following is a list of elements available to support a well-organized Sally-Save-Water® Awareness Program for your organization.

Need More Than A Summer Camp Program?

Diana Lowery Consulting Offers Much More Of The Award Winning Sally-Save-Water® Material Here:

Sally Save Water Summer Camp

You will find this includes a special select group of digital, comprehensive and coordinated water conservation program elements which focus on teaching the Kindergarten thru 3rd grade child the care of planet Earth's water.

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Ready to Serve

The multi-award winning Sally-Save-Water® Awareness Program is ready to serve: the Nation, States, Cities, Counties. Municipalities, Water Agencies and any business interested in raising their corporate environmental profile.